808 Business Solutions was built on the foundation that when small businesses prosper, everybody prospers.

Learn how our humble beginnings have helped us to refine our offerings, create new ventures, and bring success to your business.

Past, Present, and Future...
  808 Business Solutions ~ Growing Stronger Each Day to Meet Your Needs!
  808 Business Solutions was built on the foundation that when small businesses prosper, everybody prospers. The backbone of the economy of the United States has always been the small business owner whose hard work and perseverance has helped to build this great country.
  It is the never ending dream of many Americans and non-Americans alike to own their own business and be their own boss. To roll up their sleeves and find the best that is inside them only to give all 110% of it to the benefit of others. 
  808 Business Solutions started its humble beginnings providing valuable services to its local community by putting young teens and pre-teens to work for the common good: helping small business owners do the day to day tasks that would otherwise keep them from putting that same time and sweat equity into their shops and businesses.
  Doing business as Rent-a-Teen Hawaii, those small business owners (mom-and-pop operations that was the fabric of most Hawaii communities even to this very day) got a much needed helping hand at a price too good to pass up and service equivalent to no other.
  Expanding its horizons with the advent of the internet and the computer age, Rent-a-Teen Hawaii grew into HAB Productions providing small business with marketing and promotional materials, asset management (through its subsidiary Hawaii Liquidators), assistance with tax preparation and planning, and financial reorganization (through its subsidiary Debt Reduction and Management Services).
  As the years went by, a more focused approach to its business activities turned HAB Productions into the small business watershed it has become today in 808 Business Solutions.
  The small business owner has been, and will continue to be, the backbone of our economy. And as the business environment changes 808 Business Solutions will be changing along with it - helping the small business owner grow and evolve their businesses and fulfill their own goals and dreams.
808 Business Solutions
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